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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some common questions from our customers that may very well give you the answer you're looking for.

Do I have to give credit card details?
You can get started with a free trial without handing over any credit card details. Microsoft Azure Subscriptions are free and come with a $150 credit to be used in the first 30 days. Microsoft Office 365 trials are free for the first 30 days for up to 25 users and Business Central is free to try for 30 days.
Are there any limitations?
Microsoft Azure comes with a $150 credit to be used spinning up whatever you want to trial. The only limitation is that the credit only applies to the first 30 days but you can build a web app, start a Virtual Machine or test creating data storage containers to be used as a PC backup. Office 365 trials are only for O365 Business Premium and E3 plans. Those plans give you plenty of applications to fully test and if you wish to continue, just convert the trial into a paid subscription and the data you have created during the trial is automatically available.
Who can apply for a trial?
Anyone can apply for a trial. There is no limitation on who can apply.
Where do I go to get support for my trial?
Your Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider is your first port of call for support. If there is something we cant fix or steer you to, we will engage Microsoft on your behalf to find the resolution. We use Office 365 ourselves and we have extensive experience supporting hundreds of companies and users so ask us first.
What happens next?
Just click the link to start a trial, fill in some very basic details and we will be in touch. It's okay, we won't harass you... we'll just get you started, see if you want help and leave you alone until the end of your trial when we will follow up and ask if there is any more we can do.


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